The desire to be beautiful has no boundaries. Throughout the world the beauty secrets, traditions, know-how give rise to a myriad of cosmetics. Based on often unknown plants, sometimes improbable extracts, these jouvences fountains deserve to be known.

The desire to be beautiful has no boundaries. Throughout the world the beauty secrets, traditions, know-how give rise to a myriad of cosmetics. Based on often unknown plants, sometimes improbable extracts, these jouvences fountains deserve to be known.


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Soap is a substance obtained by the processing of oils and sodium hydroxide or potassiumHarsh soaps can be distinguished, based on sodium hydroxide and which are solid soft soaps, based on potash and are rather pasty. In limestone or salt water, soaps forms lumps and difficult to foamToilet soaps are prepared with high-quality oils, completely hydrolyzed and purified and carefully to avoid any excess alkali which irritate the skin. A toilet soap of good quality must be free of any caustic or alkalinity and be absolutely neutral. It must have been obtained by a full saponification in order to keep very long without becoming rancid.

Facial cleansers

Taking good care of the face skin starts with a good cleaning ritual. The way you treat your skin will have an impact on the age of your face. A good facial cleanser rids the old cells, dirt, dust, makeup residue and bacteria, and allows the skin to breathe better. It also stimulates circulation and prepares the skin for skin care products. This is important in the daily care ritual. The cleanser has to do its use without causing excessive drying of skin, or irritation. The cleaners come in different forms: soaps, lotions, milks, balms ... We recommend cleaning the morning and evening before applying creams.

Face creams

It's a preparation (mainly oil emulsion and water) to be applied on the face to make the skin soft, unified, and hydrated. Facial creams are generally divided into two categories: day cream and night cream. The manufacture of these two types of cream differs only very little, the assay of the oil night cream is more important. What makes it more oily and nourishingAccording oils and active ingredients used, creams will have different effects on the skin: moisturizing, smoothing, anti-wrinkle, ...

Facial serums

The first quality required to care serums is to be fast absorbing. They are used as an alternative to lotions and creams, but also in addition. The biggest difference between a serum and a cream that is in serum formula does not contain. Serums are more liquid, and also contain less lubricating and thickening agents, such as oils from nuts or seeds. Most serums are water based. As active content in serum are more expensive than those contained in creams (eg, thickeners), serums are also the most expensive products. But correctly dosed, a serum can last several months. Many brands offer serums in pump bottles or a dosing syringe. Serums are lighter and contain higher doses of anti-aging ingredients or antioxidants, or peptides. These few drops are concentrated super-efficient. Serums are made of very small molecules, so that the skin absorbs quickly and deeply. These are unique allies for oily and combination skin.

Facial masks
The masks is a facial skin care product that are among the oldest and in most countries. It consists of applying a composition to the face to clean, cleanse, soften, nourish, or lighten the skin ... When homemade, it sometimes contains unexpected ingredients such as egg white, or starch. On sale you can find cheap masks of clay, extracts of fruits and various plants. The latest trends masks come from Asia: Disposable cloth masks with ultra concentrated active ingredients. The mask is considered as one of the easiest ways to get a healthy and supple skin in few minutes. Like all other types of care, masks are designed for different skin types and ageWe advise you to include with your skin care routine at a rate of once a week.

Shampoo is a hair care product, usually in the form of a liquid, which is used for hair cleaning. Less frequently, shampoo is available as a bar (such as a bar of soap). This new presentation of shampoo tends to spread and especially by its added value: ecology! Yes, less packaging, but also chemical additives. A natural shampoo and good for my hair, what better dream ?!

Shower and bath

These are moments where everyone of us enjoys cleaning her body and relax ... Often moments to itself, just for itself and stopping time for a few minutes. The bath time can be a little pampering time, wrapped in relaxing scents. The shower, faster and more frequent, tonesOdors during these moments have so great importance. Take into account for your choices.

Hair care

The hair, long associated with femininity are a maintenance puzzle. Because there are a multitude of types of hair, we have the choice between an infinite number of treatments! But how to choose among all these products that flood our market? Belles du Monde offers a selection of natural products, often organic, selected for their atypical character and their efficiency. Here we give you the beauty secrets of the women of the World.

Body care

There are many kinds of body treatments; milks, creams, oils, balms .. The moisturizers are generally used for application to the legs and arms. The oils also can sometimes be allies in extremely dry skin. Some lotions or creams have other virtues to combat stretch marksBalms help soothe irritations, rashes and bites.


The pharmaceutical preparation of ointments are very diverse, based on oils, ointments, herbal extracts for calming pain, reduce redness, hydrating thirsty skin. The balm is used from time to time, its texture is much denser than creams. A small amount is enough for use.

Vegetal oils

Oils have a similar composition to that of fat; they are composed of glycerides (combination of glycerine and fatty acids). Insoluble in water, it lighter, they are creamy to the touch. There are a wide variety of vegetable oils, each with its virtues. The proposed oils here are known for their benefits to the hair, they moisturize and strengthen.

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