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The tradition of harvesting of wild medicinal herbs in Montenegro dates back several centuries. .
The geographical and political isolation of this small country (about 700,000 inhabitants) allowed to keep the secrets of these skills outside previously known only in the Balkans. The company Saljic Melemi produces salves for burns, sunburn and body treatments. These are natural balms made traditionally from unprocessed herbal extracts and the latest harvest natural olive oil . Saljic family's balms exist in the Balkans markets since 1986.

The story goes that during the filming of the remake of Tarzan film in the 1970s, the Danish star actress Kitty Swan, was seriously burned by falling into a fire. In Yugoslavia, in his old store of Ivangrad, the herbalist Jovan Saljic was attracted by the title of an article entitled "I live, but the fire killed me." The article recounts the tragedy and how the body of the famous actress was transformed into a human torch, a man without skin. Many doctors have examined her case and have concluded that the scars sweeping his body could not be corrected, or even reduced.
The herbalist, Jovan Saljic, totally unknown to the public sent a letter to the editor, inviting the actress to test their treatments based on herbs that he inherited from ancestors.

The unfortunate actress, without any other hope, accepted without believing the invitation. After five months treatment with the Saljic family, she left the country satisfied. The thick scars had decreased significantly and some disappeared. Dermatologists, who accompanied her during her treatment said that the results were wonderful and almost miraculous. Since then, based on special plants treatments for burns Saljic family became famous. Today the descendants carry on the tradition, both clinical and sale of cosmetics. The family runs a clinic where people with various skin problems ranging from acne to severe burns are treated with herbal treatments manufactured by the company. These products are available in all pharmacies in Serbia and Montenegro, but little known outside their borders. The ingredients are all wild and harvested in the mountain ranges with wild organic certification Ecocert. That's why we offer these unknown treasures herbal tradition for 300 years owned by the Saljic family.

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