Seloua  Gaelle


A "Working Girl" juggling between responsibilities at work and a large family life. Seloua, past fifty and a desire to decide fully what we accept or not put on the nose. And her daughter, her head in the clouds, with a profusion of ideas and the desire to discover the world. At the age of 25, Gaelle works in tourism from right to left, from one place to another.

Belles du Monde, it's the idea of ​​a mother and her daughter who want to discover the secrets of beauty of the women of all horizons. Two women with different needs and often exorbitant expenses for creams and other soaps whose results are not always really good ... Two passionate travelers, eager for cultural discoveries and novelties. It is during these escapades elsewhere, far away, that we note with joy that the desire to be beautiful has no borders. All over the world beauty secrets, traditions, know-how give birth to a multitude of cosmetics. Herbal often unknown; extracts sometimes improbable, these fountains of youth deserve to be known!

The idea is to promote the small craftsmen of the world, go out to meet them and understand their culture and their know-how to better offer them to our public. So yes, who say artisans, necessarily say small production, take some time to offer quality products. This is what we privilege, put forward, each day more.

To all of who want to discover the diversity of the cosmetics of the world and maybe find the rare pearls ... Welcome!